Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bosnia Herzegovina (Croatian Post Mostar)

I like it very much!!! Another gap in my collection has been filled. Thank you Zoran and Tommy for making this possible!!!

The country Bosnia Herzegovina has 3 equally righted postal operator namely Sarajevo government, Mostar (Croatian) government and Republika Srpska (Serbian) government.

Bosnia Herzegovina

It's quite awhile since I received my first cover from this country. Thank you Dragan for this cover. This is very nice.

This is the postal service maintained by Sarajevo government. This is one of the one of the three equally righted postal operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Another cover prepared by Jean Pierre, this is such a lovely cover (perfect cancellations and postmark and also the stamps used). THANK YOU JP!


A very good friend named Mae Redemption prepared this cover to me. This is very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Mae!


This is nice! I liked the stamps used.


Thanks to the one who sent this cover. This is really nice!


A beautiful cover from Croatia sent by Dragan.


Thanks to JP!

French Polynesia

JP prepared this cover to me. Thanks a lot to him!

United States of America


I just love the triangular stamps!!!

United States of America

United States of America

Thanks to Billy!!!

United States of America

Thanks to Billy!

United States of America

Thanks a lot Billy! The Mother Theresa stamps are wonderful.