Wednesday, July 25, 2012


One of my two covers from Comoros. It's Comoros! I couldn't believe it! Thanks to Ibrahim!!!


Finally, I got Djibouti. A friend of my friend's friends, sent this! Thanks to all of them! It's my very first cover from Djibouti!


I couldn't be much more happier to receive a cover from Gambia. Nice stamps used on the cover!!! My only cover from Gambia. Thanks!!!


It's always a delight to receive a new country in your collection. This time, it's Bolivia!!!!

Cayman Islands

A mail from Hell,it's Hell,Cayman Island. It's my first cover from Cayman Island! Thanks to Holger!


It's Guinea-Bissau. Unfortunately,the stamps were not cancelled. Anyway, it's Guinea-Bissau!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


This is something I feared the most, to receive a cover without a postmark/cancellation. This could have been perfect. Anyway! It's Liberia. I'm glad that there postal system is back on the trail after years of civil war.

I'm happy that the sender have enclosed 3 mint Liberia postage stamps. These stamps are 100% collectible. Most Liberian stamps available are CTOs, which I don't like.


It's Ghana, it's my very first from this country. This is still special to me eventhough there is only one stamp affixed. I'm sure it's the correct postage rate. Thanks Emmanuel for this!!


Thanks to Peter for this wonderful cover from Hungary!!!! Peter used old Hungary stamps, very classy. Thanks!!!


Thank you once again to Carlos.


Thanks to JP, my very first cover from Morocco. Thank you!


Thanks to Ori, my long time stamp friend. We used to exchanged stamps a lot back then in 2004. Thanks to facebook, we were able to meet once again.


Thanks to Monica for this another cover from your country.


Thanks to Jostein. It's a beautiful cover from Norway.


Thanks to Carlos, for this cover from Panama. I seldom receive mails from Latin American countries.


One of my onlu two covers from Comoros. Who would have thought that I could received 2 covers from Comros. Comoros is such a difficult country to receive mails from. Thanks to the sender!!!

British Indian Ocean Territory

I am so happy that I finally got something from British Indian Ocean Territory. Thanks!!!!


It's my first cover from Suriname. The first one I got something from this country, is a postcard. Thanks to the sender.

Saint Pierre et Miquelon,

Another beautiful cover from Saint Pierre et Miquelon, many thanks to JP!!!


My third cover from Palau. It's the most beautiful. thanks a lot to Holger!


It's my second cover from Chad! Thanks to the sender!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sint Maarten

It's my first cover from Sint Maarten. I am very happy that the sender had also enclosed free Sint Maarten stamps. Thanks a lot. I seldom see a cover from Sint Maarten on philatelic blogs. This is through regular mails clearly not philatelic. It's my first to have Sint Maarten.

Since the dissolution of Netherland Antillen last October 2010, Sint Maarten is issuing there own postage stamps and has become one of the newest stamp issuing entity. Netherland Antillen stamps are not anymore valid in Sint Maarten.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mount Athos

I thought I could never receive a cover from Mt. Athos. This came to me as a surprise. Thanks!!!!!

These 2 covers were posted in Karyes. Karyes (Greek: Καρυές) is a settlement in Mount Athos. It is the seat of the clerical and secular administration of the Athonite monastic state. The 2001 Greek census reported a population of 233 inhabitants. It is the largest settlement in Mount Athos.

Mount Athos (Greek: Όρος Άθως, Oros Athos) is a mountain and peninsula in Macedonia, Greece. A World Heritage Site, it is home to 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries and forms a self-governed monastic state within the sovereignty of the Helleni...c Republic. Spiritually, Mount Athos comes under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. Today Greeks commonly refer the Mount Athos as the "Holy Mountain" (Greek: Άγιον Όρος, Agion Oros/Hagion Oros). In Classical times, the peninsula was called Akté (Ακτή) (sometimes Acte or Akte).

In 2008 the Hellenic Postal Service started issuing postage stamps for postal use only at the two post offices of Mount Athos (Karyai and Dafni). The first set of 5 stamps was issued on May 16, 2008. The Hellenic Post issues the modern era Mount Athos stamps despite opposition from the Philatelic Federation (Ελληνική Φιλοτελική Ομοσπονδία) and the Hellenic Philatelic Society. A second set of five stamps was issued on June 13, 2008, according to the published programme.


It's Chad, a new country in my collection.


Thanks to Holger once again!


Thanks Peter for this! Very neatly cancelled.


Thanks Holger for this!

The Netherlands

Thanks to Marjan and Ron and also for the stamps inside.

United States of America

Nice covers from the US. Thanks to all the senders.

Thursday, July 05, 2012


At first, I really don't want to post this cover because it very disappointing because it did not came as I wanted to be. This could have been a gem in my collection. Anyway,I need to update my blog. It's been awhile

Cabinda has long since been my interest. I've always wanted to have their genuine postage stamps and a postally used cover. It was back then in 2010 that I've been writing snail mails to them. I really don't know who sent this.

Formerly Portuguese Congo, this territory had protectorate status since 1883 and was separate from Portuguese West Africa. As part of various independence movements in the 1960s a group called Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC) established a government-in-exile in Kinshasa. FLEC made a unilateral declaration of independence on 1 August 1975 but it was not recognised by Portugal or internationally.
In November 1975, Angolan troops of the MPLA occupied Cabinda which was annexed into the newly independent Angolan state. Angola calls the territory Cabinda Province. Since then, FLEC and other factions within Cabinda have struggled for full independence and seek to form the Republic of Cabinda.

In October 2006, a set of stamps was issued by the Cabinda separatists. All were overprinted Angolan stamps with a denomination of 500 Central African francs. The issuers stated their intention to produce a definitive Cabinda stamp based on a new currency, the Cabindan escudo. The stamps have seen some use by the exile government as paquebot mail.

Unluckily, in my case the stamps of the US were used in this paquebot mail. TOO BAD!!!

If you looked closely, it seems that 2 stamps were been peeled off. I have a strong feeling that those were of  Cabinda.

On its reverse side, it was on board of RMS Queen Mary 2.

The question remains, will I ever received a postally used cover with Cabinda postage stamps on it that is address to me? ..................... :-)

I WANT TO RECEIVE A COVER LIKE THIS......................



Two covers from Ukraine. Thanks to my friend Alex.

Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands Territoire des Terres australes et antarctiques françaises (TAAF),

A cover from  French Southern and Antarctic Territory. Thanks to JP.


Thanks a lot to Holger for this beautiful cover from Barbados. I'm glad he didn't forget me while he was there for his vacation.

Stampless Covers....

I've been in hiatus. Here are some covers without postage stamps been used or affixed which I've received over the past years. In my opinion, it's kind a frustrating to received covers or postcards without stamps. I don't want to post them but I just feel the need to because I'm loosing my audience and visitors,... lol .. :-)


 North Korea






Cape Verde