Friday, June 17, 2011

Cebu Stamp Club @ 15

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska)

Another gap in my collection has been filled, thanks to Tommy and her friend. I do now have  a cover from Republika Srpska. Republika Srpska postal service is maintained by Banja Luka (Serbian) government. This is one of the one of the three equally righted postal operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cape Verde

I personally didn't like this cover much because it is too big. But, it is my only cover from Cape Verde. Thank you very much Miguel. I got this cover last year. I hope that you'll be back in Cape Verde very very soon so that you'll send me a better cover.

Tui Tui

This is a very interesting cover.... .. Perhaps you've never heard of Tui-Tui before? 

Tui-Tui is a member-nation of the International Council of Independent States, and is under the benevolent rule of Co-Tyees Dogfish and Dragonfly. The first stamps that KDPN printed for Tui Tui are the 1988 Year of Food series, shown on the right. These were printed with a Heidelberg platen press by letterpress process, as were the Occussi-Ambeno 20th birthday issue, and the Mevu 20th birthday set. 

For more information on Tui Tui, please visit:

I got this cover last year, it is just now I got the chance to post it. This was sent by no less than The Co-Tyee Dogfish.  I e-mailed him on his webisite and he was very kind to answer me back and sent me this. He did enclosed some Tui-Tui stamps.

Tui-Tui is what we call "cinderellas" but this cover is proof that they've using their own stamps .Interestingly I wonder how did this cover passed through the US postal system with Tui-Tui stamps affixed along with US in front. How could this be possible?

Well, what I can say,.... Thank you very much!!!! Co-Tyee Dogfish. Thanks!!! MANY THANKS!!!!

United Nations (New York Post)

THANK YOU SO MUCH BILLY for these covers from United Nations (New York Post). I am very happy to have covers from United Nations (New York Post).

United Nations (New York Post)

THANK YOU SO MUCH BILLY for these covers from United Nations (New York Post). I am very happy to have covers from United Nations (New York Post).


A nice cover from Liechtenstein sent by Vural. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Oleg, a visitor of my blog sent me this cover. I like it a lot. It has a clear cancellation. Now, I got two covers from Latvia. THANK YOU SO MUCH Oleg. I did sent you a cover too just today.

Vatican City

JP sent me this beautiful cover from Vatican. Thank you very much JP. You've played a major role on my cover collection. THANKS!

Vatican City

This cover was sent by Matteo. Thank you very much!!!!

UN stamps

I don't post much about my stamps on my blog but I would like to share this to all of you. These stamps were sent by a friend, Billy - a very nice and generous person. On his visit to UN office in New York, he didn't forget me. He told me that he will only sent a cover but I wasn't expecting these. These stamps are really beautiful and my favorite topic is all about animals. THANK YOU VERY MUCH BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brian sent me this lovely postcard. thank you!


Brian, my stamp exchange partner sent me this cover. Thanks you!

Vatican City

Matteo sent me this beautiful postcard affixed with nice Vatican stamps on his visit to Vatican last month. Thank you very!

French Polynesia

This is my third cover from French Polynesia. Thank you very much JP!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

oh... Oh... oh...

I told you on my previous post that I’ve never received any mails for 3 weeks and it’s bothering me. So, I went to the Post Office this morning and asked the clerk why this could be happening. I talked to the Postmaster and asked “where are my letters?” They looked along those sorting divisions and only to found out that my covers/postcards/letters were all piled up on the drawer of one of their postman. I can’t help but wonder…why the postman didn’t deliver it? Why? Are they doing their job? It is sad to note that situation like this makes our postal system unreliable, ugly and slow. 

Fortunately, on my home town back in Maasin City the postman and the post master knows me very well and they deliver my mails on a regular basis but the problem is I won’t be home for the next 3 months but any way my mother is always present to receive my mails. So, I suggest please use my home address when sending mails.

In coming days, I'll update my blog with new posts.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mails probably gone.............. :-(

I'm really worried about my mails because it's been 3 weeks now, I didn't received any mails and covers from my Philatelic friends including from yours, it is kind an unusual. In my home address, I receive mails in a weekly basis, but now since I'm using my working address I didn't received since the last 3 weeks where I am expecting a lot.

I would prefer if you'll send me mails to my home address.

420 R. Kangleon Street,
Abgao, Maasin City 6600
Southern Leyte