Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Mule Train Mail (Havasupia Indian Reservation), USA

Thanks to Steve for this unique addition to my collection,!!!

These are from a town of Supai, Arizona on the Havasupai Reservation that has a special postmark noting that it was delivered into and out of town by mule train (the only town in the USA that does).


Another gap in my collection has been filled, a special thanks to JP for this cover from Senegal. Though I received this last year, it is just i don't have time to make new post.


Thanks to Myron for this simple yet nice cover from a quite hard to obtain country: Azerbaijan.


My one and only cover from Jordan. Thanks to Silvia. Too bad not all stamps were cancelled.


A very beautiful from Kenya, thanks to Bhavin!!!


A visitor on my blog sent this postcard from Albania, thanks!!!!!


Thanks Holger for this!

Czech Republic

Thanks to Dr. Radim for this wonderful cover!


My first cover from Tuvalu. All my previous covers sent from Tuvalu never made it to me after so many attempts I finally got one. It's not perfect because the stamps were not cancelled.


A wonderful cover from Seychelles, thank you once again to JP.

UN (Gevena Post)

A visitor on blog sent me this, he used 3 UN Geneva Post stamps and with one Swiss stamp. Thanks



My very last cover from Mayotte. Mayotte won't be issuing there own stamps anymore. Thanks to JP!

New Caleodonia


Thanks to David!

United Arab Emirates

Thanks to JP!

Isle of Man

A very beautiful cover from Isle of Man, Thanks to JPM.


My only cover from Guatemala. Thanks!

New Caleodonia