Saturday, August 20, 2011

Caribbean Netherlands (Caribisch Nederland)

Caribisch Nederland is a new stamp issuing entity since the dissolution of Netherland Antillen last October 2010. JP had a chance again to visit there and I am very thankful to receive my very first cover Caribisch Nederland. Thanks a lot!!! Another gap in my collection has been filled.

The Caribbean Netherlands (Dutch: Caribisch Nederland, Papiamento: Hulanda Karibe) collectively refers to the three special municipalities (officially public bodies) of the Netherlands that are located overseas, in the Caribbean: Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. The territorial grouping is alternately known as Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba or the BES islands. Although part of the country of the Netherlands, the special municipalities remain overseas territories of the European Union at least until 2015.
Bonaire (including the islet of Klein Bonaire) is located east of Aruba and Curaçao, close to the coast of Venezuela. Sint Eustatius and Saba are located south of Sint Maarten and northwest of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The three islands gained their current status following the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on 10 October 2010, while the islands of Curaçao and Sint Maarten became autonomous countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The BES islands have a collective population of 18,000 and a total area of 328 square kilometres (127 sq mi).

Hutt River Principality

                                front view

                                reverse side

This is something I didn't expect, a cover from Hutt River Principality. The Principality is not a recognized nation nor their stamps are recognized by UPU. That's why the stamps were affixed on the reverse side. I am happy to have a cover from this so-called micronation.


It is such a delight to received a cover from your wantlist. I've done many attempts to have a cover from Bhutan, finally I got this! Thanks a lot to Mukol.


I am happy to have a better cover from Iran.Thanks a lot! Hossein told me that the postage rate in Iran is very expensive.

Russian Territories





The following are so-called "covers' from Russia territories. Since the breakaway of Soviet Union many Russian territories were issuing stamps, overprints and cover. It is quite difficult to say if these covers are fake eventhought it looks real. Most philatelists say that those are "cinderellas", in spite of that, I love these covers. They are unique addition to my collection. Thanks a lot to Holger for these. Many thanks.


Thanks to JP another gap in my collection has been filled. This is my first cover from Anguilla. Thanks!!!


Hello! It's been awhile since I had my last update.
Today, I wasn't expecting to receive a cover from Lundy. This is something which I never thought I could receive a cover.  This cover very special.

Lundy is an island three miles long and half a mile wide situated ten miles off the coast of Devon U.K. A genuine local post from 1929 to the present day. There is a small resident population on the island plus thousands of tourists visit each year by boat from Devon. There are even rooms for rent at Lundy's Marisco Castle built by King Henry III in 1244 ! The tourists mail thousands of postcards and other mail each year from Lundy using Lundy stamps with Great Britain stamps attached also for the onward journey from Bideford, Devon.

Lundy stamps are for local use only. As you noticed the stamps were affixed on the lower left corner of the envelope (where local stamps should be affixed or if not on the reverse side of the envelope) not on the upper right .

Thank you very!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Many thanks to Khatuna for this wonderful cover from Georgia.


This is a nice postcard from Lundy. It had nice stamps on it and with nice postmarks and cancellations. Thanks a lot to Richard.


Another visitor of my blog sent me this cover from Malaysia. Thanks a lot!


I am very happy to have a better cover from Norway. This is a nice one. Thanks a lot to Rolf.


David Onsiong sent me this nice cover from Mauritius. Thanks a lot!


I loved to receiving covers from Balkan states. This is my second cover from Serbia. A friend of Rajko sent me this cover. Thanks a lot to them.


Thanks a lots Tersak for this cover!


This is my second cover from Slovakia. All my covers from Slovakia were sent by Milos Leng. Thanks a lot, I wouldn't have covers from Slovakia if without you.


Thanks to the visitor of my blog for sending this cover! Thanks!

The Netherlands

This is a nice cover fro The Netherlands. Thanks a lot! Thanks for this cover and the postcard. As promised I will send you something in exchange, I am just busy right now.


This envelope was sent by a friend. This is my friend's letter and he mailed it to me. Since it is a window envelope and then I made it addressed to it. I liked the clear postmark. Thanks!

The Netherlands

Another visitor in my blog sent me this. Thanks a lot!! I'll send you something in exchange but that would be at the end of September. I am really busy right now. Thanks a lot!


First of all, I would like to say thank you for the one who sent me this cover from Germany. He is a visitor of my blog. In his letter he told that he sent me this cover because my other German cover is not good, yeah he is right. This is my only second time to received a cover from this country. Thanks a lot!! I will send you a cover for sure but that would be at the end of September because I am really busy right now. Once again, thank you!


Mirek sent me this cover from Poland. This could have been better if all of the stamps were canceled. Anyway, Thanks!!


Thanks Holger.


Another cover from Croatia. Thanks Chen, I hope you've received what I've sent to you.

United States of America

JP have sent me really nice covers from USA. Eventhough the US is a common country which we received covers, I still like it especially if the postmark is clear like this one and it has no wavy  cancellation lines. Thanks JP!

Walles et Futuna,

JP sent this nice cover from Walles et  Futuna, Thanks a lot!


A common friend in the philatelic world sent this cover. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!


A viewer of my blog sent me this cover India. I wasn't expecting this, anyway many thanks to the sender. I am not really a big fan of Indian Philately maybe because of the quality of their stamps are printed.


Another cover from Mayotte. Thanks a lot to JP!

Andorra (French Post)

JP sent him this nice cover from Andorra (French Post). Thanks!