Thursday, July 05, 2012


At first, I really don't want to post this cover because it very disappointing because it did not came as I wanted to be. This could have been a gem in my collection. Anyway,I need to update my blog. It's been awhile

Cabinda has long since been my interest. I've always wanted to have their genuine postage stamps and a postally used cover. It was back then in 2010 that I've been writing snail mails to them. I really don't know who sent this.

Formerly Portuguese Congo, this territory had protectorate status since 1883 and was separate from Portuguese West Africa. As part of various independence movements in the 1960s a group called Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC) established a government-in-exile in Kinshasa. FLEC made a unilateral declaration of independence on 1 August 1975 but it was not recognised by Portugal or internationally.
In November 1975, Angolan troops of the MPLA occupied Cabinda which was annexed into the newly independent Angolan state. Angola calls the territory Cabinda Province. Since then, FLEC and other factions within Cabinda have struggled for full independence and seek to form the Republic of Cabinda.

In October 2006, a set of stamps was issued by the Cabinda separatists. All were overprinted Angolan stamps with a denomination of 500 Central African francs. The issuers stated their intention to produce a definitive Cabinda stamp based on a new currency, the Cabindan escudo. The stamps have seen some use by the exile government as paquebot mail.

Unluckily, in my case the stamps of the US were used in this paquebot mail. TOO BAD!!!

If you looked closely, it seems that 2 stamps were been peeled off. I have a strong feeling that those were of  Cabinda.

On its reverse side, it was on board of RMS Queen Mary 2.

The question remains, will I ever received a postally used cover with Cabinda postage stamps on it that is address to me? ..................... :-)

I WANT TO RECEIVE A COVER LIKE THIS......................



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