Thursday, April 14, 2011


To topped it all, I got here a cover from Afghanistan. Yeah,...I know what your feel..... :-)  It's Afghanistan!!! It's Afghanistan! I can't believe I have a cover from Afghanistan.

At first, I really doubt the postal system in Afghanistan but when I received this, I was very very very happy! Finally! I got a cover from Afghanistan. For me, this is priceless!

Peggy visited Afghanistan last May 2010 for a volunteer work that's why I got this cover. I asked for it and she was very kind to do so. Thank you so much Peggy!! According to her, the taxi driver don't know where's the post office and it took here an amount of money for the fare of the taxi. She also said that the clerk in the post office don't know where is the Philippines. She added that the streets in Kabul city was no joke to them as foreigners. Upon reading her story thru e-mail,I doubt that I will ever receive it. But, hey I got it! She is now in Texas, USA. I don't know if she'll be back in Afghanistan.


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Emilio Fernandez said...

Your blog is simply wonderful, we don't have many opportunities of seeing covers from countries like this.