Thursday, April 14, 2011


Oh,.... this is a diamond in my collection, it's Nagorno-Karabakh!!!!!!!! WOw! Wow!

It is a territory officially part of Azerbaijan but in fact fully independent and backed by Armenia. I don't want to talk about politcs here: just consider that the only way to officially send a letter from here is using the stamps of Artsakhpost. Letters take their way through the Armenian postal system. see:


Emilio Fernandez said...

Congratulation Ralph for to get a cover from this country so difficult.

Laura said...

Beautiful textile!

Myron said...

Be caredul - Nagorno-Karabakh is not an independent country! :-O

I plan to visit this interesting place in a few weeks and definitely cannot wait to send covers from there! :-)

By the way, I'll send you the Azerbaijan cover when I find the time! :-)