Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello! It's been awhile since I had my last update.
Today, I wasn't expecting to receive a cover from Lundy. This is something which I never thought I could receive a cover.  This cover very special.

Lundy is an island three miles long and half a mile wide situated ten miles off the coast of Devon U.K. A genuine local post from 1929 to the present day. There is a small resident population on the island plus thousands of tourists visit each year by boat from Devon. There are even rooms for rent at Lundy's Marisco Castle built by King Henry III in 1244 ! The tourists mail thousands of postcards and other mail each year from Lundy using Lundy stamps with Great Britain stamps attached also for the onward journey from Bideford, Devon.

Lundy stamps are for local use only. As you noticed the stamps were affixed on the lower left corner of the envelope (where local stamps should be affixed or if not on the reverse side of the envelope) not on the upper right .

Thank you very!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow sir , mustah n pagkolekta abot nba sako..take care & God bless (joan p)