Friday, June 17, 2011

Tui Tui

This is a very interesting cover.... .. Perhaps you've never heard of Tui-Tui before? 

Tui-Tui is a member-nation of the International Council of Independent States, and is under the benevolent rule of Co-Tyees Dogfish and Dragonfly. The first stamps that KDPN printed for Tui Tui are the 1988 Year of Food series, shown on the right. These were printed with a Heidelberg platen press by letterpress process, as were the Occussi-Ambeno 20th birthday issue, and the Mevu 20th birthday set. 

For more information on Tui Tui, please visit:

I got this cover last year, it is just now I got the chance to post it. This was sent by no less than The Co-Tyee Dogfish.  I e-mailed him on his webisite and he was very kind to answer me back and sent me this. He did enclosed some Tui-Tui stamps.

Tui-Tui is what we call "cinderellas" but this cover is proof that they've using their own stamps .Interestingly I wonder how did this cover passed through the US postal system with Tui-Tui stamps affixed along with US in front. How could this be possible?

Well, what I can say,.... Thank you very much!!!! Co-Tyee Dogfish. Thanks!!! MANY THANKS!!!!

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