Tuesday, June 14, 2011

oh... Oh... oh...

I told you on my previous post that I’ve never received any mails for 3 weeks and it’s bothering me. So, I went to the Post Office this morning and asked the clerk why this could be happening. I talked to the Postmaster and asked “where are my letters?” They looked along those sorting divisions and only to found out that my covers/postcards/letters were all piled up on the drawer of one of their postman. I can’t help but wonder…why the postman didn’t deliver it? Why? Are they doing their job? It is sad to note that situation like this makes our postal system unreliable, ugly and slow. 

Fortunately, on my home town back in Maasin City the postman and the post master knows me very well and they deliver my mails on a regular basis but the problem is I won’t be home for the next 3 months but any way my mother is always present to receive my mails. So, I suggest please use my home address when sending mails.

In coming days, I'll update my blog with new posts.

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