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Is it from Yugoslavia? (i got a message from my mailbox about this cover,...please read below...)I am still glad that I have something from Yugoslavia before its total dissolution into Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. Thanks!!!!

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Sorry, pictured letter (cover) was not sent from Yugoslavia because it is dated on 31 Jan 2005 (and posted from Zaječar 1 Post Office in Serbia) and Yugoslavia finished her own existence by 4 Feb 2003 (!!!!!) when Yugoslav federal parliament had decided to create a new state (as a subject of international law) under official name „State Union of Serbia and Montenegro“. In my opinion, Yugoslav stamps seem to be temporarily valid in the new state until its own stamps were issued in sufficient quantity (I, unfortunately, don’t know when exactly validity of Yugoslav stamps was cancelled at the territory of Serbian-Montenegrin state union). Moreover, you can see a registered postage label with right side inscription С Р Б И Ј А ПОШТА [Srbiya poshta] (Serbia Post) as an identification of forwarding postal administration. My conclusion is that above mentioned letter was sent from Serbia & Montenegro, a country which had two autonomous postal administrations (Serbian and Montenegrin one) but unified issue of stamps (see e.g. /unfortunately in Serbian language only/).
Please, correct your legend to this letter.
But this letter has other interesting special feature. It has got two different barcode registration labels. The first one is the (former Yugoslav) original from the forwarding post office in Zaječar and the other one is transfer from Swiss Zürich 1 Transit Post Office (note “BZ Ausland” /something like “from abroad”/ in label inscription) for some delivery reasons.
Zd. KLÍMA (Czechia)

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